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Irene's strong ,powerful, uplifting , soul searching vocals will have you handclapping, toetapping ,laughing, crying, and full of goosebumps! All in one evening! With a unique voice like Sheryl Crowe and the strength of Vestal Goodman ,Irene ignites the stage !


Concert Reviews :

Rev. Ray Hinchey  

The people found your presentation very good with a wonderful expressive  strong voice , and a very sincere personality. God has certainly given you a  gift of spiritual communication for His ministry. We have not seen that type  of positive presentation in quite a while, your love for Christ was very  evident. Your sharing of your life was also very touching. We will be waiting for your next tour of the Maritimes. Please feel free to  use my name as a reference. May God continue to open doors and touch people's lives for Christ through  you! 

For His Kingdom!                                                             Rev. Ray Hinchey 

Lieutenant Stephen Toynton 
Springhill Salvation Army Nova Scotia

Thank you for an evening that the people of Springhill will be talking about for a long time! We were all blessed to have been there. Your incredibly powerful voice mixed with the Gospel message and your own equally powerful story made us all want to stay all night! You deserved the standing ovation. We ALL look forward to being blessed again by your ministry in the not too distant future! 

Lieutenant's Stephen & Rosalyn Toynton

Betty Beatty-Powers   •  Moncton Wesleyan Church 
 Irene....In all of our years of wintering in Florida and attending many, many gospel concerts, I have not heard a more powerful presentation of the gospel than was given in your concert to our Seniors' Group at Moncton Wesleyan last Thursday morning! You have a magnificent voice, and every word came through so clearly! We were blessed beyond measure! Please come back SOON! Blessings on you as you continue to share the gospel in your very unique way!


Joyce Gildart   •  Moncton Wesleyan Church 

It was a delight to have the extremely talented Irene Bridger at our church. God's love and presence flows through her for the entire concert. We laughed and we cried as Irene shared her story and sang so many of the familiar songs that we love. Hurry back to New Brunswick, we definitely want you back to do another concert. Continue to keep your candle of light burning. God is evident in your life.  
Joyce Gildart


Major Darlene Sutton   •  Salvation Army Bridgewater Nova Scotia 

Irene it was great to have you in our little church on Monday night. We certainly felt the presences of God's Holy Spirit. You where AWESOME!!!! You are one anointed lady!! Which was very evident in your powerful singing voice, and as you shared your story from your heart. You where the real deal!! and people certainly appreciate your real spirit. I believe you have made a lasting imprint on all those who came out to see you minister. All those who came out went away truly blessed, not one went away disappointed. For those of other congregation who are looking to be blessed by an anointed young lady's powerful singing we would recommend Irene to come to your church to minister in song. You will not be disappointed!!! You will be truly blessed beyond measure!!!. Thank You Irene, for your Candle of Light which shines so bright.  
Hugs!!! Darlene

Pastor Ralph Yarn   •  Church of the Nazarene Dartmouth NS September 22,2015
 Irene presented a full out concert with some old favorites and newer Southern Gospel songs as well as some of her original/custom work. We did not just experience a well programmed and presented concert, we had CHURCH! Her sensitivity to the congregation and her Holy Spirit anointed ministry truly did have us in fits of laughter as well as tears, and then to a good old fashioned “shoutin’ time” – not the song - we just had a “good old fashioned ‘ time”. She shared openly and simply ministered from her heart. No one left disappointed, we all went away truly blessed. I would like to highly commend Irene Bridger to any congregation that may have the opportunity to receive her. You will not be disappointed! We want her to come back again for sure! 



Pastors Wayne and Tanya Dooks  
Shelburne, N.S.

It was a joy to have Irene minister in our county for the weekend. The folks  
loved her warm, personable manner. 
She seeks the Lord about what to sing. We found her to be sensitive to Holy  
Irene is entertaining in a wholesome and positive way for sure, but at heart  
she is a worshipper who will ultimately lead the people in reaching out to  
She presents the Father as One who desires to be close to His children. 
Thank you, Irene. There is an open door for you to return! 

Pastors Wayne and Tanya Dooks 
Shelburne, N.S.


Pastor Melvin Wheaton   •  First Ragged Islands Baptist Church, Osborne, NS  September 19th,2015

 Irene, it was a pleasure to have you with us, ministering to us. You have an incredible talent, an amazing voice and a heart that follows hard after God. Your ministry is one of worship and praise. I will continue to pray that God will use you and your ministry to lead many to Him and that your testimony will be evidence of God's mercy, grace, and love. Walk through the open doors. Thank you for coming to us. 

Irene is very passionate, energetic, and enthusiastic about the God she loves and worships. Irene leads you into the holy of holies before God as she sings her songs of praise. If you have a chance to see Irene in concert, please make time to hear her--her ministry will change your life. 


Rev Myles VardySt Pauls UC Deer Lake NL
 I can recommend your ministry of song,  store that you blend into your concert, to anyone looking for a blessed evening of entertainment.
You made us laugh, and cry, we enjoyed your humour and your serious stories.
You were able to captivate the audience with your voice, your songs your personality and your testimony of faith.
Many of those attendees  who left the concert that evening are still talking about your performance and your expression of faith, how it touched them.
Thank you!                                                                         I would recommend any church or community to invite Irene Bridger to perform.
The concert is indeed a spiritual experience.God bless you in your ministry Irene. Anytime you lime to come back this way include us on your itinerary.
Rev Myles Vardy                                                          
St Pauls UC Deer Lake NL


 Rev Wendy Lowden United Church Corner Brook says:
Our Church Family and friends were incredibly blessed to have Irene come with her ministry of music to perform for us. It is not often the minister feels like they have been fed in church, and on this night my soul was filled to the brim. Besides her incredibly strong and beautiful voice (watch out when those knees bend!), her loving thoughts and comments were a gift to all of us. My only complaint is that we were all left wanting more and will now have to find a time to have her back. All I can say is....if you have Irene sing for you, you will indeed be blessed. Wendy Lowden/Pastor/Oakland United Church/Corner Brook

Beth Warden from Shine FM says:

It was a wonderful evening as we enjoyed the music during your performance. You engaged the crowd with not only the music, but the energy you showed on stage! It was fun to hear you and see you perform.

David Chafe, President MusicNL Says:
I've had the tremendous pleasure of working with Irene Bridger. She is a wonderful musician, with a warm personality and is mutually supportive of me and her other colleagues. She's a fabulous collaborator, sensitive to her audience and performs with all of her heart and soul. A beautiful sincere artist and person I would work with again anytime.  
music teacher,Pianist,recording artist,accompanist,  concert producer, musicial director

Sherry Griffin VOAR Station Manager Says:

Newfoundland artist Irene Bridger is a powerhouse of inspiration. At the end of the day, you will not have just heard dynamic and pretty songs, but somewhere between the lines, pages and phrases, you will have heard the whispers of God to the depths of your heart. Her vocals pack a wallop as she shares her faith in song. Not only does she look like Lori Morgan and Shirley Partridge rolled into one, but on any stage, Irene knows how to hold her own, and do Newfoundland proud. This talented lady’s music will bless you tremendously.

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