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Irene's strong ,powerful, uplifting , soul searching vocals will have you handclapping, toetapping ,laughing, crying, and full of goosebumps! All in one evening! With a unique voice like Sheryl Crowe and the strength of Vestal Goodman ,Irene ignites the stage !

Kitchen Party Start date: June 25th-Aug 27th

TheTwillingate Kitchen Party this week will be held on Friday evening July 25th @ 6:30
Guest: The Boyde Family( Irene's Siblings)  SOLD OUT 

Saturday-July 26th Matinee @ 2:00pm
Guest: The Boyde Family (Irene's Siblings) SOLD OUT 

Twillingate Kitchen Party will return to it's regular schedule on Wednesday July 30th

Twillingate Kitchen Party (est 2005)                                                                                                                                           

Variety of Newfoundland, Folk, Storytelling 
Inspirational and Gospel music
Venue:Orange Lodge, North Side,Twillingate
Time:Wednesday evening 7:30 pm
Mid-June -last of August
Tickets: $10.00 
reserve tickets through contact page!


2013 National Inspirational Nomine/2012 NFLD Folk Artist Nominee


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2013 National Nominee!


2012 NFLD Folk Artist Nominee